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How to Dress the Kids for Fall Photos!

What should my kids wear for my session?

This is a question I get asked frequently – while I prefer to keep our session as candid and natural as possible, coordinating outfits or deciding upon a color palette is something I love having input in as it creates a more polished-looking portrait for you.

For fall and winter, it’s important to dress the part. Try to stay away from summery colors, like light pinks or purples and wear colors that complement the season.

Keep the knitwear coming with fun socks and beanies – little scarves work, too! Dabble in sunny colors and Ralph Lauren-inspired cardigans for a warm yet pulled together look.

Some little boys can really pull off that Distinguished Hipster look! Dress things up with darling suspenders and slacks – anything scaled-down always looks adorable. Add a cozy cable-knit sweater or sharp tweed coat and finish the look with a navy tie or an olive beanie.

Ultimately, go with what your child will wear. If they’re not a hat kid, don’t force a hat on them for the session – it’ll stress you AND them out. My nephew would probably rock the tie but I don’t know if he’d go for the suspenders too. You don’t want the clothing to become the focus over your child – if they’ll fidget too much, they won’t feel comfortable – and that translates to less time in front of the camera if they’re uncooperative and less candid memories of your child.

Take what you can get – and know that any sort of effort will come across positively in your photos.

Another question I get asked quite a bit – how do you do pull together multiple outfits for siblings? Pick an accent color – mustard, for example – and make sure all the children have something with that element. Lay it all out on the floor or the bed just like these pictures and visually look at the clothing to make sure it doesn’t clash or something stands out like a sore thumb. Alternatively – take a picture and send it to me! I’m always happy to consult :)

This first style guide for girls features playful colors and textures. Pretty, detailed blouses pair with simple slacks or a pleated skirt if you want to go more formal. Belt this look and finish with a warm, playful faux fur coat and girly flats.

Another really important tip is to try it on! Try everything on. Make sure it fits prior to the session, that your kid doesn’t pick at the fringe and the shoes actually fit! Speaking of shoes – always go with comfort. I’d rather a child be barefooted than in ill-fitting shoes. Same goes for adults – if you don’t wear high heels, don’t wear them for our session. You need to be as comfortable as your kids – while staying slightly fashionable, of course :)

This next style guide focuses on fun textures and pops of metallic. Liven up a subdued knit with goldenrod corduroys, or black slacks with a sequined bomber. Double points for pairing in-season embroidery with fun metallic skinny jeans. Pops of metallic are key – don’t overdo it!

Darling accessories pair well with mini skirts in the final style guide. Just add: ballet flats with pom-pom details, rose-gold metallic boots, and sweet patent chelsea boots with a crochet beret, pink fur stole, or pretty cognac purse.

What’s the key here? TEXTURE.

One of the most important tips I can give for preparing for a family session with Ahava Studios is this: be yourself. Stay true to who you are – dress comfortable yet fashionable – sexy even! You’re still a hot momma and I love to get a few photos of the parents together. But if you never wear high heels, the day of our session isn’t the time to do it. If your partner is a jeans and t-shirt guy – you might be able to convince him into a sweater or honestly – a henley would be a great compromise. Stick as close to the comfort factor for him, while injecting as much style as you can!

Stay true to yourself and have fun with the session. Your kids thrive off of your energy – if you are relaxed and excited about the session, they will be too! Dressing appropriately and making sure there’s no wardrobe malfunctions will ease the stress.

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