Where do I begin with Miss Kitty?

She owns us. We don't own her.

She runs this place - and sometimes the office.

She's our baby and would do anything for her.

She's a special cat with a very unique history and story.
She's kind of a badass, actually.

KITTEN YEARS ////////////////////

Her story began when we moved to Washington after graduating from Humboldt State in December 2008. We got her from a pet store adoption fair. She was one of the smaller kittens available - and she had character.

Bravado. She was also really. REALLY cute.

Her first name was Sookie. After True Blood. It didn't fit at ALL. I still have a Facebook album titled Sookie and it's so weird but not weird enough to change.

She was fiesty from the beginning.

It's only gotten worse as she ages. Only now she doesn't actually climb in the washer or dryer - she just climbs under the warm clothes on the bed.

BADASS ////////////////////

She's been through hell and back since that cold ass February morning when we adopted her. 

  • She's moved cross-country. Twice. So have we, but this is her page, not ours. 

  • Roofs aren't her friend. We've rescued her twice now.

  • She was shot with a pellet gun. In a residential neighborhood. I heard the shot and she came running back toward the house, her little bell ringing on her collar. She lives with a pellet in her chest. Surgery was too risky.

  • She was given 6 months to live in February 2015 and has defied all the odds since then.

TOO DAMN BIG //////////////////////

After a vet visit in February 2015, Miss Kitty was diagnosed with CHF - Congestive Heart Failure. Her heart is simply too big. Which is a funny thing to think of - a heart being too big physically. I knew she loved us, but she didn't have to love us that much! Prognosis wasn't good. The cardiologist gave her six months, depending upon how she reacted to the medication. We were heartbroken. We still are, in a way. 

She is an exceptional cat. She takes her three pills twice a day like a champ. Within days of her starting medication, she was back to her old self - a self that had slowly disappeared and we didn't even see it until her purr sounded different. Cats hide their pain very well - and Miss Kitty is no exception. She's very young to have such advanced heart failure. 

She's our life. And she knows it. We know we're living on borrowed time with her - so we make the best of it. She travels with us when we stay overnight in a hotel (she LOVES hotel rooms and the nooks and crannies - and the extra bed she climb into all by herself. She's very, very attached to us - and we really don't mind it.

IN A NUTSHELL ////////////////////////////

She's my heater in the middle of the night under the covers.

My alarm clock in the morning when she wants to eat.

Or snuggle. She'll paw our faces when she wants something. Usually snuggles.

We dress her up in hilarious dog costumes and the picture is totally worth the $10 outfit. 

She loves french fries and to snatch them off the table.

Belly rubs are where it's at.

Yes, her head is really tiny.

She loves her springtime sun. She loves being hot in general - she'll sit in front of a heater under my feet in the office all day in wnter.

She is very vocal. And will actually talk back.

She purposely acts like a bad kitty if we're ignoring her - climbing in front of the TV.

Has a handful of people allowed to pet her. That's okay. You be you, girl.

Nose kisses are the best thing in the world.