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Seven Tips for Your Wedding Day


Love that soft romantic light? Candles, candles candles. Pillar candles – tealights alone don’t provide enough light on tables. Cafe lights! String them up, down, around – drape them across the entire room! The more ambient light we have to work with, the better!

BUILD IN EXTRA TIME. This is something we’ll help you with when crafting your custom wedding day timeline. Better to kick your feet up than literally running to the ceremony.

BREAK IN YOUR SHOES! Walk around, do housework – you need them to be comfortable! Scuff the bottom so you don’t risk falling. Consider wedges if you’re getting married outside.

Bring a pair of CUTE FLATS so you can get down on the dance floor!

PRACTICE YOUR BOWTIE OR TIE. There’s no shame in a clip-on. There is shame in spending 45 minutes watching youtube videos on how to tie a bowtie. ;) #truestory

CHOOSE YOUR GETTING READY LOCATION CAREFULLY. Look for great natural light, interesting wallpaper or texture and lots of space if documenting the getting ready moments are important to you. Check out our list of Best Wedding Prep Hotels for tips on choosing a spot.

BOOK TWO NIGHTS. Do not vacate your getting ready room on your wedding day. No one needs stress like that. You do not want to be checking out of your hotel room on your wedding day and lugging your bags down to your car in your suit. #truestory 

Stress makes your cycle way wonky. Don’t be too surprised if that time of the month comes early.

Pack TAMPONS just in case.

Having shot over 140 weddings since 2009, we make it a habit to professionally attend weddings. The two biggest tips we can give?  You can never have enough candles or cafe lights and always build in enough time to kick your feet up, slip off those heels you hopefully broke in, and sip a glass of champagne before the ceremony.

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